Mira Rai

Photo Credit: Lloyd Belcher

“Chances are like a leaf on the river. You have to grab it as it may never come again” – Mira Rai

A lovely, inspiring short film.

Being an avid trail runner myself I had heard of Mira Rai, the young Nepalese runner who had come out of nowhere to achieve success in international mountain running, so I was very happy to find out that a short film had been made on her life.

Filmed by Hong Kong based film-maker Lloyd Belcher, and funded by donations, the film tells the story of Mira’s humble beginnings, growing up the eldest of 5 children in a mud walled hut in a remote region of Nepal. In an effort to ensure regular food, she ran away to join the Maoist Army during Nepal’s civil war. It was there that she discovered a love of running. After the army was disbanded she tried her hand at track running but with little success . Fate, however, was to play its hand when she by chance entered a 50km mountain race, which she won, and she realised she had found her forté.

Not wanting to spoil the story for you although most of it is already in the public domain, the film is a really inspiring piece of filmmaking. Mira comes across as a simple, innocent girl, with an amazing talent. The visuals are breathtaking. From footage of her races in the Alps to drone shots of her bounding across the Nepalese mountain side like a mountain goat. One particular scene of Mira warming up as steam rises from her body lit up in the rays of the early morning sun really stands out in my memory.

At only 42 mins long it’s not a long film but long enough to inspire you to get out the door and hit the trails.  The support of her well wishers is admirable, and her achievements on the international stage are incredible for anyone, let alone a girl from a tiny village and who couldn’t speak english.

The film is available to rent on Vimeo on demand and is well worth seeing. Proceeds from the film will help fund girl’s sports in Nepal

“Sometimes life’s struggles are preparing you for greater things” – Mira Rai

Mira from Lloyd Belcher Visuals on Vimeo.